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Custom FileMaker Applications Development for Optimum Solutions

Custom FileMaker Applications

Why FileMaker

Individuals and workgroups in business, education, and government rely on FileMaker software to manage people, projects, images, assets, and other information.

Custom FileMaker Applications built with the award-winning FileMaker Pro database technology are used for a wide range of functions including: project management, asset management, tracking jobs/invoices/billing, Web publishing, catalog creation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), patient records management, logistics management, film and video production, sales and advertising management, workflow automation, business processes tracking, customer service, and video production.

You could also use FileMaker for:

  • Every type of data tracking solution – either business or personal
  • Manufacturing, service or retail businesses
  • Solutions that are currently based on spreadsheets or paper forms
  • Retrieving and exchanging data with enterprise systems
  • Data tracking, analysis and report generation
  • Workflow solutions for the department or workgroup

The company behind FileMaker’s product line is Claris, Inc. which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple Inc. It was founded in 1998, and since then, more than 20 million units of FileMaker have been shipped, and over a million licenses sold annually. Prior to that, FileMaker was a Claris product (also owned by Apple). It’s now available in over 60 countries, in 17 languages, and the company has been profitable every quarter since its formation.

Note that KSI has been developing in FileMaker since 1985, and therefore, has had experience in literally every version since it was introduced in 1985.

FileMaker Pro is used in virtually every private and public market sector worldwide including:

  • The Forbes Global 500
  • Most of the top school districts in Canada and the U.S.
  • The top universities in Canada and the U.S.
  • And leading universities throughout the world
  • More than 4,000 government agencies and institutions throghout Canada and the U.S.

FileMaker is the leader in business solutions for iOS and desktop computers. Customers have downloaded FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone more than one million times.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

FileMaker is a RAD database tool. With FileMaker, we can rapidly develop and deploy solutions for any type of business or personal process or need. FileMaker solutions can be deployed in the following wide variety of environments – simultaneously: ​ Windows Mac iOS / Mobile Web Single-user Multi-user In addition to this high degree of flexibility in platform and deployment, FileMaker can also be deployed on a server or on a local computer, via the web or through local sharing. Its highly adaptable nature makes it ideally suitable for small, mid-size or large businesses.

FIleMaker and SQL

KSI has created many dozens of database solutions, utilizing various database software programs, and have also used a number of web-enabled technologies and browser interfaces. In addition, we have had extensive experience in FileMaker integration with SQL databases, and the creation of web-based e-business solutions, system design and implementation.

We can help you integrate your existing FileMaker Pro solution with a SQL back-end, or help migrate your entire FileMaker solution to a new SQL-based client/server database system (e.g. SQL Server, MySQL, etc.). Or perhaps you need to have your SQL database pass data to or from FileMaker during the progressive transition of your FileMaker to SQL conversion. We can do that for you as well.

Whether you need to customize or enhance your existing system, create a new solution, or migrate your existing database to a new platform, KSI can help.

FileMaker Community

  • More than 50,000 FileMaker Technical Network members worldwide
  • More than 1,100 FileMaker Business Alliance members worldwide. These are firms whose primary business is FileMaker products and services
  • Annual Developer Conference with more than 80 sessions providing the latest information for developing FileMaker solutions
  • 150 independent training companies worldwide
  • Numerous FileMaker books by independent authors
  • 20 independent FileMaker Web sites with resources for developers and users
  • More than 80 user groups and developer conferences worldwide

Dave Ryan has been doing FileMaker Applications Development since 1985.